File output


SAVE offers many export types

SAVE 'monfichier.bin',start,size ; save binary from start to end

SAVE 'monfichier.bin',start,size,AMSDOS ; save binary with AMSDOS header (take a look at RUN directive to set an exécution address)

SAVE 'monfichier.bin',start,size,HOBETA ; HOBETA header for ZX Spectrum

SAVE 'monfichier.bin',start,size,TAPE ; save tape binary in CDT format

Save files inside an EDSK floppy image

SAVE 'monfi.bin',start,size,DSK,'myfloppy.dsk'

If the DSK does not exists, it will be created from scratch in DATA format. If the DSK exists, it will be modified (take a look at -eo command line option to overwrite files if they are already on disk)

Convert any binary to AMSDOS file

org #100
run #100 ; or anything else, it's optionnal but if you want another entry point than loading address, it's here
incbin 'binary_without_header.bin'
save 'binary_with_header',#100,$-#100,AMSDOS

Cartridge creation from ROM files

bank 0 : incbin 'binary_bank0.bin'
bank 1 : incbin 'binary_bank1.bin'
bank 2 : incbin 'binary_bank2.bin'
bank 3 : incbin 'binary_bank3.bin'
; ...
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