Command line options

File options:

Path option


Specify a path in order to read files RASM wont find in the current directory. It's possible to add any number of additional paths, using the option multiple times. RASM will search in the path declaration order.

File naming options


RASM will use the radix of the input file to generate all filenames

-o <radix>

Set a radix filename for all files (i mean, without extension)

-or <radix>

Set a radix filename for ROM output

Dedicated filename options

-ob <full filename>

Set a filename for the default binary output

-oc <full filename>

Set a filename for the cartridge file output

-oi <full filename>

Set a filename for the snapshot file output

-os <full filename>

Set a filename for symbol file output

-ot <full filename>

Set a filename for tape file output

-ok <full filename>

Set a filename for breakpoint file output

-ol <nom complet>

Set a filename for ROM label file output

Special option


disable all file output

Dependancy options:


produce dependancies on a single line, in order to use in a makefile


produce dependancies as a list

Symbol export and breakpoint options


Warn if declared symbols were not used


Symbol export in RASM format (label, address, bank)

LABEL1 #100 B0
LABEL2 #4378 B2


Symbol export in Pasmo format



Symbol export in Winape format

LABEL1 #100
LABEL2 #1234


Export ROM labels, assigned with NAMEBANK directive.
Default filename extension is ".romlabel"

0: ROM 0 wording
1: ROM 1 wording


Export breakpoints


Export label with original case


Export symbol with one file per BANK


Export symbols in snapshots (SYMB chunk for ACE emulator)

-sc <format>

Export symbol with a dedicated format. The format must have 2 data fields. First field is always %s then the second field must be numeric (%d, %x, …). Use with caution


It's possible de define code blocks with symbol export deactivated

Compatibility option


RASM will do calculations like Maxam or Dams: values will be truncated, unsigned, 16 bits and no priority for operators (shame! shame!)


Use Dams naming convention


Convert all & char to # char before assembling. Mostly use to assemble Dams source


Mimic AS80 assembler


Mimic UZ80 assembler


Mimic old version of Pasmo (do not use this to compile modern Pasma sources… Use Rasm instead!)

-msep <separateur>

Choose separator for module naming concatenation


Use this option to convert UTF8 symbols ¿ ¡ ù é è ç à Ñ ñ you can find on french or spanish keyboards with their respective Locomotive Basic ASCII value.
As a consequence, you cannot anymore use any UTF8 symbol between quotes except if you use -fq option (described below)

à = 64 ou @
ç = 92 ou
é = 123 ou {
ù = 124 ou |
è = 125 ou }
Ñ = 161
ñ = 171
¿ = 174
¡ = 175


Allow any UTF8 symbol in strings

Uncategorised options


Use fast ZX0 compression


Do not output cartridge ROM listing


Verbose assembling with listing, addresses and byte opcodes. Immediate values are zeroed due to RASM unique-pass behaviour.

Bnk|Real|Logic  Bytecode  [Time] Assembly
 IX EQU 0 ; alias definition
 IY EQU 0 ; alias definition
000|0000     |                 LZ4_DECOMPRESS_RAW:
000|0000     | D5          [04]     PUSH DE   (L4:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0001     | E5          [04]     PUSH HL   (L5:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0002     | 09          [03]     ADD HL,BC   (L6:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0003     | 44          [01]     LD B,H   (L7:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0004     | 4D          [01]     LD C,L   (L8:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0005     | E1          [03]     POP HL   (L9:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0006     | C5          [04]     PUSH BC   (L10:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0007     | 06 00       [02]     LD B,0   (L12:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|0009     |                 LZ4_GETTOKEN:
000|0009     | AF          [01]     XOR A   (L16:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|000A     | 7E          [02]     LD A,(HL)   (L17:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)
000|000B     | 23          [02]     INC HL   (L18:decrunch/lz4_docent.asm)


Overwrite files on floppy disk images if there is already files with the same name

Snapshot options


Export breakpoints (BRKS, BRKC chunks for Winape and ACE)


Export symbols (SYMB chunk for ACE)


Export snapshot v2 instead of v3, to use with M4 board

Analysis option

-me <value>

Define error max output. Set zero for unlimited error number.


Warnings as errors


Extended error message, with line source


Disable warnings


Enforce (void) parameter usage with macro without parameter (recommended option!)


Allow macro calls with parameters on many lines

_COPY   Scanline_RAM_End-Scanline_RAM_Begin, 
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