Unclassifiable directives

TIMESTAMP 'string'

TIMESTAMP "[Y-M-D h:m]" ; will produce => [2022-12-05 21:26]

Generates a string of characters corresponding to the following codes. Undefined characters are copied as they are:

  • Y ou YYYY year on 4 digits
  • YY year on 2 digits
  • M month on 2 digits
  • D day on 2 digits
  • h hour on 2 digits
  • m minutes on 2 digits
  • s secondes on 2 digits

TICKER start/stop,variable

Start the time measurement of the encountered instructions. The result will be returned in NOP by default or in Ticks if the spectrum mode is activated (command line or directive)

Typical usage, synchronize code on a rasterline ;)

ld a,100
repeat 8
inc b : outi
defs 64-getnop(dec a : jr nz)-mesure
dec a
jr nz,reloop


Declare the address of a procedure for the export Object

EXTERNAL symbole1, symbole2, symbole3 (WIP!)

Declare one or more external symbols in import

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